Kismet Ketamine is a leading ketamine clinic in Baton Rouge, LA, offering ketamine infusions for the treatment of depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

Kismet Ketamine Clinic | Louisiana’s Leading Ketamine Clinic

Kismet Ketamine is a leading ketamine infusion clinic, treating patients in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas of Louisiana. Ketamine infusions effectively alleviate the symptoms of severe depression and other psychiatric conditions in up to 70% of patients—ketamine works where other depression treatments fail. Our ketamine clinic focuses on the safety and comfort of each patient, relying on a team of highly trained physicians and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to administer ketamine infusions.


We believe that everyone deserves to experience happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Through the administration of ketamine infusions, our clinic is able to make joy an option for people who never believed it was.

Our ketamine clinic’s logo is an homage to an ancient Sanskrit symbol representing the ultimate reality: consciousness. The visual elements of this symbol represent the four states of consciousness, as well as the world of illusion.


Outward knowing; we are aware of our daily world


Inward knowing; the subtle body

Deep sleep

The causal body; the underlying ground of consciousness is undistracted.

Transcendental State

Pure consciousness, the absolute and relative are transcended.

World of Illusion

True awareness; implies extraordinary power and wisdom.


Our ketamine clinic’s medical director and owner is dually trained in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. She is board certified and currently practices emergency medicine.

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